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“Your word, O LORD, will last forever; it is eternal in heaven. ”

Psalm 119:89 (GNB)

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Monday, 14 October 2019

Bear Grylls loves the Bible. Speaking to more than 900 people attending a packed Alpha launch evening in London, TV adventurer Bear Grylls spoke of his ‘quite simple’ Christian faith.
Interviewed by Vicar Nicky Gumbel and interspersed with clips from his recent Born Survivor series on Channel Four, Bear Grylls spoke about the pressures of his increasing fame around the world and what he described as ‘this whole kind of madness of the last two years’.

This involved him drinking the juice from elephant dung in Africa, biting the head off a vine snake in Panama, sleeping inside the carcass of a camel in the Sahara and eating the testicles of a goat with a group of north African nomads.

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