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David's focus in software development at the moment is on developing some exciting new sites, including:

Want Reliable, Flexible & Cheap Web Hosting?

From £50 / year for a basic blog up to £200 for unlimited bandwidth and downloads, I can probably arrange a package that will suit you or your business.

Want to see what you'd get?

My focus is on dynamic database-driven websites and web applications, combining sophisticated business and data analysis with accessibility, design flair, semantic HTML and full buzzword compliance™. My sites usually perform pretty well on search engines too.

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Our New Blog

I've spent so much time focussed on other peoples' sites that my own is lagging seriously behind the curve. Until I find time to update the main site, I've started a blog where I'll be posting my

  • WordPress plugins
  • WordPress themes
  • Web design notes, tips and tricks
  • Mac Software
  • And a bunch of family and personal things.

What's happened to the old content?

The old site is still functioning but we're afraid much of the media content isn't going to be updated for a while. Areas still working and worth visiting include:

General IT Systems for Business & Home

I'm also frequently working on rich media projects and conduct a lot of end-user training for businesses and personal computer users. Often I'm able to help people save a great deal of money just by knowing their requirements better and matching them most appropriately to the best suppliers. One great general moneysaving tip: sign up to TopCashBack. It's the best of the cashback websites, and well worth using on a regular basis to save money on anything you buy online. Sign up and we'll get a wee bonus at no cost to you. I'll put more tips on here at a later date.

Extra Info: Work-related

For now, most people are going to be interested in:

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